Monday, September 13, 2010

The Universal Remedy

As Sri Anandamayi Ma's Maha Samadhi is approaching, I have been thinking a lot about Her and Her teachings. Here are a few that have recently been on my mind. All Glories to Mother...

"This body tells of one sovereign remedy for all ills: God. Trust in Him, depend on Him, accept whatever happens as His dispensation, regard what you do as His service, keep satsang, think of God with every breath, and live in His Presence. Leave all your burdens in His hands and He will see to everything; there will be no more problems."

"Listen! Do not let your time pass idly. Either keep a rosary with you and do japa; or if this does not suit you, at least go on repeating the Name of the Lord regularly and without interruption like the ticking of a clock. There are no rules or restrictions in this. Invoke Him by the Name that appeals to you most, for as much time as you can--the longer the better. Even if you get tired or lose interest, administer the Name to yourself like a medicine that has to be taken. In this way you will at some auspicious moment discover the rosary of the mind, and then you will continually hear within yourself the praises of the great Master, the Lord of Creation, like the never ceasing music of the boundless ocean; You will hear the land and the sea, the air and the heavens reverberate with the song of His glory. This is called the all--pervading Presence of His Name."

"The Self, or God is unknowable to the ordinary intelligence, but He is not unknown to us as the life--breath. If one uses the rhythm of one’s breathing as a support in meditation, this increases one’s power. Therefore, one should daily sit in a meditative pose in a solitary place and turn the mind inward, and repeat the mantra in rhythm with one’s breathing, without straining, in a natural way. When through prolonged practice, the Name becomes inextricably linked with the breath, and the body is quite still; one will come to realize that the individual is part of the One Great Life that pervades the Universe."

"I say to you that I am a little child and you are my parents. Accept me as such and give me a place in your hearts. By saying “Mother”, you keep me at a distance. Mothers have to be revered and respected. But a little girl needs to be loved and looked after, and is dear to the heart of everyone. So this is my only request to you: to make a place for me in your hearts!"


  1. She's so beautiful and at peace with herself in these pictures. I hope to be like that one day, not sweat the small things and just enjoy what the world has to offer. I feel that people make everything so complicated and stressful, if only everyone looked inward and focused on the positive the world would be such a peaceful place to be.

  2. Trevor, Trevor...

    First, thank you for exquisite being that shines through your artistic expression. We met a a few months back at Govinda's in LA.

    I sent your blog to a good friend of mine and she replied:

    "OMGoddess ... made me cry to read this.

    I had a powerful experiences with her.... [Sri Anandamayi Ma]

    "Who you [are] is your Being, not your doing. Your Being is a healing force... even just to witness and lay eyes on.
    You don't have to do anything.

    I did a little ceremony ... sat in front of the mirror ...with unconditional love to have DARSHAN.

    All these faces came... was a little scary to the face shapeshifted continuously but with love I gave to each face.... DARSHAN

    until my face was Anandami Ma
    but the experience was we were each other
    one and the same.

    A being of profound unconditional love.

    yes, it has been painful to not be that
    ever since...
    but the experience needs to be fresh to remember
    so thank you for the reminder"

  3. I really liked what the quote she wrote about thinking of her as a little girl instead of a mother because little girls are dear and have places in the hearts of everyone.

    It made me think how true that is, how easy it is to have love and an open heart to a little child. How easy it is too look past their mistakes and still see them as perfect and beautiful. And how I wish I had such an open heart to all people. That is what I aspire to reach.

  4. "If the mind thinks thoughts of truth, if the tongue speaks words of truth and if the whole life is based upon truth, then one becomes fit for union with the Infinite. (Iyengar)"..
    i.e, "...and the body is quite still; one will come to realize that the individual is part of the One Great Life that pervades the Universe."

    I believe with stillness and prolonged breathing the name, the one great life reveals itself through the light which shines in us.