Friday, October 29, 2010

Question for Parvati Baul

In a recent interview with Parvati Baul, there was one answer that touched me deeply. Perhaps it is because I'm a musician, but I think it applies to one's life in general.

Question: When you are performing are you sometimes improvising melody and music in the song? Or is it exact.

Parvati Baul: We have everything in the form. Everything is very well practiced and well trained and with lots of discipline, but when we come to sing and dance we forget everything. We don't want to remember anything and don't know anything. So that we can receive. But knowing this body has a memory that supports all this training, it will support to receive. But one has to work really hard, and the worst enemy is the mind. As long as one has a young body you can do all kinds of practice, but this mind does not grow old, so it keeps on, you know, like in the same circles.

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