Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Song of Spotless Water

From Moon to Moon
Rampriya sang the Song of Spotless Water
Within the heart the Lord of Snow beholds the Blissful Swan

A demon's mouth
It filled with arrows
I heard it from the crow
That mountain where no poison enters
He sits with banyan tree

Rivers Three
They form the Throne
The waves His wealth and riches

Rampriya says
Sing the Name and you may see 
That God who came as Man

The Name Alone

How can I turn my gaze?
Rampriya has gone too far
The chords of the heart he has tied
To that Ever Blissful One

Give up this useless counting
Of planets and of stars
For him that one is Mother
The Name Alone
His Constant Friend

Kings and Beggars

This morning, on the river, I watched houses burning
And the smoke kissed the mountains
And drew pictures in the sky

Two friends met upon the winds
One laughing and one in tears
Trying to break the silence
I wonder if He heard

Am I mad to love this city?
Where ashes fall on flowers
Where Gods come roam like deer

Rampriya says
Seek this place before you die
Where Kings and Beggars now are same

Thursday, September 20, 2012

All is His

He Who has given you what you possess in this world — wealth, distinction, youth - appeal to Him for his own sake. You cannot? Why? You will have to! Verily, man can do all things. Who can say what He will give to whom and through what? Everything is His, entirely His. What did you bring with you at birth? Were you not empty-handed? And all you have acquired — is it yours, really? All is His and whatever happens is His Will. Endeavour to maintain this attitude. Saying: ‘It is mine’ you grasp at everything— this is the way to court sorrow. Call out to Him because all is His. To yearn thus for Him is real prayer. All that the world can yield — what is its worth? Have you not discerned down the years the inevitable course of events? In His store-house, where there are riches, relations, the vigour of youth, there are also old age, death, disease and poverty. You will have to experience them all. In this world there is no room for undisturbed ease; don’t you see that there is distress at every step? Does it not dawn on you even now to whom you belong? This serious illness of yours, is anyone suffering it for you? Can anyone even share it? Why all these worries?
All is His; all is He to leave everything to Him must be your sole endeavour. Invoke His Name, meditate on Him; ever abide in the remembrance of Him. Not praying for anything that is of this world, strive to abandon yourself without reserve to Him. In Him no want of any kind exists, no pain, no agony — in Him is all attainment, the summit of fulfillment, rest, repose, tranquility...
It is characteristic of human life that it cannot continuously be either full of happi­ness or full of misery. Just as your good luck has not been lasting, do you imagine this evil fortune will never end? For the present try to gird yourself with patience and fortitude and wend your way with com­plete trust in God. It is the Will of the Almighty that prevails. Be intent under all circumstances to keep the thought of Him as your constant companion.

Sri Anandaymayi Ma

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sri Rama's Birth

The gracious Lord, who is compassionate to the lowly and the benefactor of Kausalya, appeared. The thought of His marvellous form, which stole the heart of sages, filled the mother with joy. His body was dark as a cloud, the delight of all eyes; in His four arms He bore His characteristic emblems (a conch-shell, a discus, a club, and a lotus). Adorned with jewels and a garland of sylvan flowers and endowed with large eyes, the Slayer of the demon Khara was an ocean of beauty. Joining both her palms the mother said, "O infinite Lord, how can I praise You! The Vedas as well as the Puranas declare you as transcending Maya, beyond attributes, above knowledge and beyond all measure. He who is sung by the Vedas and holy men as an ocean of mercy and bliss and the repository of all virtues, the same Lord of Lakshmi, the lover of His devotees, has revealed Himself for my good. The Vedas proclaim that every pore of Your body contains multitudes of universes brought forth by Maya. That such a Lord stayed in my womb - this amusing story staggers the mind of even men of wisdom." When the revelation came upon the mother, the Lord smiled; He would perform many a sportive act. Therefore He exhorted her by telling her the charming account of her previous birth so that she might love Him as her own child. The mother's mind was changed; she spoke again, "Give up this superhuman form and indulge in childish sports, which are so dear to a mother's heart; the joy that comes from such sports is unequalled in every way." Hearing these words the all-wise Lord of immortals became an infant and began to cry. Those who sing this lay, says Tulsidasa, attain to the abode of Sri Hari and never fall into the well of mundane existence. 

-Sri Ramacaritamanasa : Balakanda 191 Verses 1-4

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Churning Sea

To rise in the morning
And greet a gift that will never turn to stone

In the midst of a churning sea
We call to a home

The words that are spoken turn to ash
And it is with this ash that Rampriya anoints his heart and mind
Soothing the pains of separation
Like Himalayan snow on fire

Mother knows all things
The field, flower, and seed
The thought, word, and deed

We've already been there before

Rampriya Says
There is nothing more to say 

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Orleans

There is an echo of colors
That weaves through the streets of horns and drums

Sits on her tongue like a mantra
Steadily repeating

Remain still and you can hear it

Carriage wheels and hurricanes
Cafes and shops with cool french names

Listen as fortune tellers gather round the square
Spilling destiny upon the passer by
Tarot cards giving glimpses of the sky

Only she knows what passes on her streets
The rest remains hidden like a song

From block to block
You can travel through the seasons
See the world in 300 yards

Strangers like long lost friends sayin',
"Hey brethren, where you been? Why you stray so far?"

Wisdom speaks through a drunken man...
"Close your eyes and that's the end.
All we got is this.
Hey wish man
What's your wish?"

At 10 at night
It's about 88 degrees

As I wipe my brow and thank God for New Orleans