Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Song of Spotless Water

From Moon to Moon
Rampriya sang the Song of Spotless Water
Within the heart the Lord of Snow beholds the Blissful Swan

A demon's mouth
It filled with arrows
I heard it from the crow
That mountain where no poison enters
He sits with banyan tree

Rivers Three
They form the Throne
The waves His wealth and riches

Rampriya says
Sing the Name and you may see 
That God who came as Man


  1. These poems have inspired me to pick my pen back up..thank you for that!

  2. Little Baba I have come here to your confluence to thank you for being a mirror for myself and a light for the divine. Your music, words, and spiritual momentum came to me when I needed it most. Our locks grew at the same time without intent and I felt the warmth of your California sunshine here in the drab midwest. Not bad kid. But I have come to the end of my journey with you as my guide so far as I know. I leave you where I found you in the hearts of many now to be own own guru. My locks are gone and I dreamed last night I said goodbye to the path where I found your music and poetry integral to my personal growth. This is blue was a special album to me. You and Chris had something very strong together and I will always hold the music dear. You will continue trickle into the live of many and I the lives of few but I have finally found myself again. I Thank you. I don't expect you to remember but I told you once that you reminded me of my son, it's true for many reasons. His name is River and I know it's not what you meant but perhaps for me where the river's meet is that spark of divinity in us all, that ebb & flow, the return to self and the ability to be here now. I am good. Blessed be your journey. Much love - Sissa

  3. Your words and music of peace and light are the best way I am coping with chemotherapy, bringing me a way to be still and present with life and that which transcends disease and boundaries. You touch this 57 year old woman's soul. Thank you.

  4. Update this site soon!! Jai Ma!!!

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