Thursday, September 20, 2012

All is His

He Who has given you what you possess in this world — wealth, distinction, youth - appeal to Him for his own sake. You cannot? Why? You will have to! Verily, man can do all things. Who can say what He will give to whom and through what? Everything is His, entirely His. What did you bring with you at birth? Were you not empty-handed? And all you have acquired — is it yours, really? All is His and whatever happens is His Will. Endeavour to maintain this attitude. Saying: ‘It is mine’ you grasp at everything— this is the way to court sorrow. Call out to Him because all is His. To yearn thus for Him is real prayer. All that the world can yield — what is its worth? Have you not discerned down the years the inevitable course of events? In His store-house, where there are riches, relations, the vigour of youth, there are also old age, death, disease and poverty. You will have to experience them all. In this world there is no room for undisturbed ease; don’t you see that there is distress at every step? Does it not dawn on you even now to whom you belong? This serious illness of yours, is anyone suffering it for you? Can anyone even share it? Why all these worries?
All is His; all is He to leave everything to Him must be your sole endeavour. Invoke His Name, meditate on Him; ever abide in the remembrance of Him. Not praying for anything that is of this world, strive to abandon yourself without reserve to Him. In Him no want of any kind exists, no pain, no agony — in Him is all attainment, the summit of fulfillment, rest, repose, tranquility...
It is characteristic of human life that it cannot continuously be either full of happi­ness or full of misery. Just as your good luck has not been lasting, do you imagine this evil fortune will never end? For the present try to gird yourself with patience and fortitude and wend your way with com­plete trust in God. It is the Will of the Almighty that prevails. Be intent under all circumstances to keep the thought of Him as your constant companion.

Sri Anandaymayi Ma


  1. Oh thank you for this. Krishna, Lord of my Heart. Namaste' Rampriya Das for being a vessel of such pure Truth. May you walk on a blissful path, spreading truth and love for all to come and gather at Your waters! Thank you Trevor, Rampriya Das, Buddha, Krishna. Love All, Serve All. Peace and Love always-

  2. It's never God's will that anyone suffers. The light of Truth redeems mankind from sin, sickness, and death. This Truth I am intent to keep as my constant companion and my guide. Trevor, your music is beautiful and special and I love it, but sometimes I question why you think mankind must experience negativity. It is not in our nature because it's not in God's nature. God is only Love. Being made in the like-ness and image of this Love (Being His/Hers), must it then follow that we are full of only goodness, positiveness, love, and light?