Monday, July 16, 2012

New Orleans

There is an echo of colors
That weaves through the streets of horns and drums

Sits on her tongue like a mantra
Steadily repeating

Remain still and you can hear it

Carriage wheels and hurricanes
Cafes and shops with cool french names

Listen as fortune tellers gather round the square
Spilling destiny upon the passer by
Tarot cards giving glimpses of the sky

Only she knows what passes on her streets
The rest remains hidden like a song

From block to block
You can travel through the seasons
See the world in 300 yards

Strangers like long lost friends sayin',
"Hey brethren, where you been? Why you stray so far?"

Wisdom speaks through a drunken man...
"Close your eyes and that's the end.
All we got is this.
Hey wish man
What's your wish?"

At 10 at night
It's about 88 degrees

As I wipe my brow and thank God for New Orleans

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