Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Remember This at All Times : Words of Sri Anandamayi Ma

 In honor of Sri Ma's Birthday ...

If anything is to be had — whatsoever, in whatever way — it must be had of Him alone. Man’s bounden duty as a human being is to seek refuge at His Feet. Days glide on; already you have let so many go by; anchored in patience endeavour to pass the few remaining.

Every moment belongs to God; Endeavour to keep your mind dedicated to His Feet. God, the Ocean -of Mercy, who ever blesses the world, pours out His grace at all times. It is incumbent on man to consider every­thing that happens to be for the best: ‘For the best’ denoting what is most helpful towards the realization of the Divine, the realization of the fullness of Bliss.

 The ceaseless,  never-ending current of divine Mercy and Compassion ever flows forth; in that current one should bathe.

Let His Name be ever with you; imper­ceptibly, relentlessly time is creeping away. At all times, endeavour to sustain the con­templation of God and the flow of His Name. By virtue of his Name all disease becomes ease.

It is desire that causes sorrow; but the will to realize God is itself felicity. Be certain that He will cleanse and comfort you and take you into His arms.
Sorrow comes in order to lead you to happiness. At all times hold him in remembrance.

The sense of want arises spontaneously it is the Divine that awakens it.
 To lose all is to gain all. He is merciful and compassionate. Whatever He does at any moment is all-beneficent, though certainly painful at times. When He manifests Himself as all-loss, there is hope that He may also manifest Himself as all-gain. To pine for the One Who helps towards the light of Truth is salutary, for it kindles the awareness of Truth.
Verily, He is everywhere at all times.
The endeavour to awaken to his real nature is man’s duty as a human being.

Abide by your duty. To live in the home that he has created for himself is surely fitting for a householder. Do not, however, neglect the search for your real Home. Only when this is found has one truly come home.

 To remain calm and at peace under all circumstances is man’s duty. To form a bad opinion of a person just because one has heard some gossip about him is wrong. Hostility, condemnation, abusive language, ill-feeling and so forth, even if kept con­cealed within one’s mind, will and must fall back on oneself. Nobody should ever harm himself by harbouring such thoughts feelings.

No matter what work has to be done at any time, try to give your full attention to it and do it thoroughly. Under all circum­stances rely upon God. Verily, He is all-pervading and therefore can be found everywhere. With your whole being invoke the Lord of Life.

Whether it pleases you or not you will have to make the Eternal your constant compan­ion just like a remedy that has got to be taken. Without loving God you will not get anywhere. Remember this at all times.


  1. a flood releases from the well of emotion that Mother evokes in this heart...her words the prayers and blessings of sages and saints...broken wide open every time as witness to the Self unfolding. Ja Sri Mata...bless us oh Mother for all the times we forget Him in each detail of this delicate lila of life.