Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chapter of the Forest

Listen Friend
Rampriya is in bliss
Wandering a sacred wood

How long has he been removed?
Only Mother knows

The Simple Lord perspires
It is there Rampriya bathes his cloth

Narmada the Stainless
Narmada the Sacred
Narmada the Call of Home

Put down what you are carrying
And behold Her Timeless Song

No more useless books
No more empty words

Rampriya learns from wind and rain


  1. Beautiful. I love your poetry. I came across this today that I wrote last year and thought you might like it: http://jahnavi.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/river-devi/

  2. This post makes many other things much clearer. It is so wonderful to see the influence this had on some of your later works. I am so moved by this, and come back to it often, especially when I feel I am straying. Posted on my birthday, nonetheless. Thank you so much.