Monday, November 14, 2011


Words desperately try and reach around that feeling which is sacred

Who can understand?
Not even my own mind.
The pain of silence falls away when one surrenders and sleeps in the forest of stars...

Rampriya Says
Wisdom is a lone bird 


  1. Beautiful, leaves me thinking

  2. "and sleeps in the forest of stars..." love it.

  3. * Truly lovely ~ a delicacy for the soul *

  4. This is amazing.
    "Wisdom is a lone bird"

    I'm not sure if this relates, but I have learned that sometimes you must lose everything to gain wisdom. There was a point in my life when I lost everything, friends, family, everything I own. I had nothing and no one, no one to turn to. Through that period of darkness I learned a lot about myself and the world around me.

  5. love to see that you have a blog, Trevor!
    read this Urdu poem on my blog.. every line takes my breath away.
    also, last year on the road you were telling me about some live Bob Marley performance that really moved you... it was a DVD or something? & it involved him playing in an electrical storm or something?? am i getting this right? if you get a chance & remember, remind me! i wanna get at it! much love.

  6. opps. link:

  7. i'm in love with your beautiful thoughts:)

  8. Keep letting god speak through you, Trevor... It really makes the most beautiful things... Thank you :)

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