Saturday, June 18, 2011

Four Fruits

Taking the Name
And wrapping it in clothe
Man walked across black water

Departing to the forest
Father took one last breath

Woman trapped in stone
Found redemption in His touch

Many are the stories of the Ever Blissful One

The One with bow and quiver
Is the One Rampriya follows
Bathing in His glories
The Four Fruits are within reach


  1. Dearest Trevor, blissings on your path. I saw you at Harvest Fest in Minnesota last year and was transported... After spending some time on your web site I saw a small picture of Maharaji (Neem Karoli) and knew we would eventually meet. I would love to spend time with you at Shangri-la this summer. I run Shanti Camp, a safe place for folks struggling with their experience at festival. Wuld dearly love to share your darshan.

    With love and sending blissings on your path.


  2. I just loves these posts, simply beautiful.