Friday, December 10, 2010

Hymn to the Long Haired Sage

FROM RIG VEDA (10:136): "The long-haired one endures fire, the long-haired one endures poison, the long-haired one endures both worlds. The long-haired one is said to gaze full on heaven, the long-haired one is said to be that light. Of us, you mortals, only our bodies do you behold. The sky clad sages have donned the yellow robe of dust: along the wind’s course they glide when the gods have penetrated them. Exulting in our seerhood, upon the winds we have ascended. Through the middle region flies the sage shinning down upon all forms; for his piety is he deemed the friend of every god. The wind’s steed, the Lord of life’s friend, is the god-intoxicated sage: beyond both oceans he dwells, the upper and the lower. For him has the Lord of life churned and pounded the unbendable, when the long-haired one, in Rudra’s company, drank from the poison cup".

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