Saturday, July 31, 2010

Prem Vani

The Love Soaked Words of Sri Neem Karoli Baba
Compiled by Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati and Rampriya Das

The best service you can do 
is to keep your thoughts on God. Keep God in mind every minute.

It’s better to see God 
in everything than to try 
to figure it out.

The best form is to worship 
God in every form.

Everything is accomplished
by taking the name of Ram (God).

Constant repetition of God’s name, with or without pious feelings, 
even in anger or lethargy, brings out His grace in the form of bliss all around. On being thus enlightened, there is no room for any misgivings. 

All religions are the same. 
They all lead to God. 

God is everybody. See no difference. 
See all the same.

Ram is present in each and every particle, 
and His devotees get His darshan (vision) even now.

God will give you everything 
you need for your spiritual 
development. Hold on to nothing.

If you do not make it empty, how are you going to fill it up again?

You should not talk about your wealth, wife, or sadhana (spiritual practice)
 or they will go away.

He always takes care of His devotees. We forget. 
We can forget. We might not remember Him, but He never forgets us. 
Always remember this.

The eyes of a saint are always concentrated on the Supreme Self. 
The minute he is aware of himself,
sainthood is lost.

Attachment is the strongest 
block to realization.

This world is all attachment. 
Yet you get worried because you are attached.

If you are free of attachment,
 you will lead a simple life in a simple environment.

Lust, greed, anger, attachment 
~ these are all paths to hell.

If you want to see God, kill desires. 
Desires are in the mind. 
When you have a desire for something, 
don’t act on it and it will go away. 

You should make all your efforts without any loss of courage.

It doesn’t matter if you are married or not,
 it only matters how much you love God.

To see God, you have to have special eyes. 
Otherwise you cannot bear the shock.

When you see the entire world as the Mother, 
the ego falls away.

Worldly people go outward, but you must go inward
like the tortoise withdrawing withinyour shell.

All action is prayer. 
All trees are desire-fulfilling. 
All water is the Ganga.
All land is Varanasi. 
Love everything.

See all the same. 
You can’t realize God if you see differences. 
Learn to find the love within.

Never hurt another’s heart.

Keep God in your heart like you keep money in a safe.

Whoever works for God, 
his work will be done by itself.

Work is God. Work is worship.

Love the poor. Serve them. 
Give everything to the poor, even your clothing. 
Give it all away.
 Jesus gave away all, including his body.

Serve the poor 
and remember God. 
You become one with Christ.

Food is God. 
Feeding the hungry is actually worship. 
God comes before the hungry as food.

Money is never a problem.
 The difficulty is in the correct use of it. 

Money should be used to help others.

Give up money, 
and all wealth is yours.

If you cannot love each other, 
you cannot achieve your goal.

The whole universe is your home. 
All are your family.

Love is the strongest medicine. 
It is more powerful than electricity.

Cleanse the mirror of the heart, 
and you will see God.

Total truth is necessary. 
You must live by what you say.

Truth is the most difficult tapasya (austerity). 
Men will hate you for telling the truth. 
They will call you names. They may even kill you, but you must tell the truth. 
If you live in truth, God will always stand with you.

A pure women is better than a hundred yogis. 
Women are more open to love God. 

All women are mothers and sisters,
and all men fathers and brothers in God’s family.

See all women as mothers.
Serve them as your mother. 

Why do you take drugs? 
This intoxication comes to an end so quickly and damages the health and mind. 
This is not good. Why do you not take God intoxication? It will never end, and you can spend all your time, your whole life in it. There will be no harm or damage to anything. Also, you will get back your lost health and vigor and your mind and heart will be fully restored. This is nectar. If you take this intoxication, you will be freed from all your illness and worries.

God gives you everything pure and fresh, 
but greedy and selfish people turn it all into poison,
and then they blame God for it. 
Can you understand it?

Many things might go into one’s
sadhana (spiritual practice), 
but the essential ingredients are 
devotion, faith, and patience.


  1. Beautiful start on the blog Maharaj!
    I loved the quotes, the photos and the Rampriya says.
    Thank you for being such a kind brother to one who does not deserve it. I am proof you are kind to the fallen conditioned souls.
    Jai Ma! Jai Sita Ram! Jai Gauranga Mahaprabhu!

  2. Sweet simplistic truth so refreshing!

  3. Love this blog. Love this post and all of Baba's wonderful words. And I added your blog to mine:

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

  4. Jai Neem Karoli Baba!

    Thank you for sharing Baba's quotes and also your love of Maharaj-ji through your music.

    I, like you, never met Maharaj-ji in physical form, but know him in my heart.

    I too will be sharing on my website at

    Gratitude to you Rampriya Das.

  5. Beautiful ! One must start the day by reading this page ...... Words of our Guru....Maharaj ji ki jai !

  6. This was like rain drops and the pure essence of a meditative mind .. Loved it ~